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How-to build your own Sous-Surveillance

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How-to build your own Sous-Surveillance

Few things asked :

  • Be against the videosurveillance/cctv
  • Gather few people (a group of friend, a collective...doesn’t need to be that much) to launch the website.
  • Organize at least one public event per year (screening, debate, food-sharing, carto party...).
  • Participate to the network sous-surveillance (don’t hesitate to propose news about cctv, contribute to wiki.sous-surveillance.net, etc...). If it’s possible, at least one person of the colletive join one of the 4th commissions (see below)
  • At least two people of the collective have to received emails of the main email list (Carto mailing list : see below)
  • Keep us updated about collective’s activities, like sharing prints, stickers, texts.
  • Validate cameras added on the website’s collective.

Compass : Different websites of Sous-Surveillance project

  • The main website : You will find news against cctv, project introduction, the cities mapped and few links.
  • Collectiv’s websites: ****.sous-surveillance.net local cctv mapping and proper news about the collective who can mixed news about the city and news’s collective.
  • The wiki: The goal of this wiki is to "merge" informations about the surveillance to build a base of datas to fight against surveillance (applications, technologies, tools and all of theirs features... and also clients...). This wiki is collaborative.
  • The crabgrass: Working space and documentation space of the projet sous-surveillance. We have few comissions (acceuil, news monitoring, techno, automedia). Lot’s of files availables.
  • Le redmine : Work plateform for the tech team, with bugs monitoring.

Commissions and mailing list

Commissions :

  • Documentation commission : Who worked for the main website sous-surveillance.net and different cities ***.sous-surveillance.net, and wiki.sous-surveillance.net. Everybody can contribute, DO IT ! All news are validated by a member of the commission. If you want an access to the wiki. Ask it !
  • Welcome commission : You probably get redirectif from this list. That the list where people get help to set up a new website.
  • Tech commission: Manage all IT specs of the project. Bugs corrections, updates, etc.
  • Mailing list per cities : If you a mailing list per cities, tell us !


The project use IRC where you can discuss to us about what you want related to the project. If you need help about what is IRC check http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/IrcHowTo
To connect to our network :

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Le Projet

Sous-Surveillance.net est une cartographie participative, collaborative et accessible au plus grand nombre.

Elle permet de rendre visible la prolifération des caméras tout en collectant un maximum d’informations les concernant.

Dès maintenant, chacun et chacune peut s’approprier le site, lutter, agir, participer, partager ses idées, informer, consulter la revue de presse et se réapproprier l’espace urbain !


Pour nous contacter, créer un sous-surveillance dans votre ville ou participer au projet, écrivez-nous :
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